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Before an applicant is accepted, they must pass an entry level examination and oral interview.

  • Written Examination

    Part 1, Reading and Comprehension: The applicant will be required to read several paragraphs and answer 13 multiple choice questions about what was read.

    Part 2, Math: The math portion consists of 32 problems. A calculator may be used to solve the problems.

    Part 3, Ruler: This portion of the exam will test the applicant’s ability to read a ruler including fractions and inches. The applicant is given several close-up views of a ruler with arrows identifying the specific measurements along the ruler. The applicant will be required to provide the measurement that corresponds with each of the arrows.

  • Written Examination

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The applicant will be given one hour to complete the entire exam. A passing grade of 70% in each of the three sections is required to pass.

  • Oral Interview

    The oral interview will be given to each applicant passing the written entrance examination.

    The interview is conducted in order to be assured that the applicant would be committed to a four-year program.

    The applicant must achieve a passing score of 70% on the oral interview.