The Mission of the PHCC-GSA-PUAC is to evaluate new ideas in our industry, bring the best administration and teaching techniques to our Apprenticeship and Trainee Program - the benchmark for the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Industry.

  • Earn While You Learn a Trade/Occupation

  • Earn State & Federally-Registered Apprenticeship Status

  • Portable Credentials that are Nationally Recognized

  • Demonstrate Your Advanced Knowledge in the Plumbing Industry

  • Gain Instant Professional Credibility

  • Conduct Knowledgeable Conversations with Clients/Homeowners

  • Stand Head and Shoulders above the Competition

  • Increase Your Earnings Potential

  • Advance Your CAREER!




Training School

Milwaukee Tools Apprentice of the Month

William Carreno

Milwaukee tools implemented the Apprentice of The Month to showcase talented students who continuously go above and beyond to further their education through the PHCC GSA Training Facility.
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Download the Water Supply Calculator

The PHCC Water Supply Calculator App offers PHCC members a single resource to determine water supply fixture units and minimum fixture branch sizes for common plumbing fixtures, typical pressure drops in water meters, equivalent lengths of fittings.
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