New Students

Entrance Exam

Prior to acceptance into the PHCC-GSA-PUAC Plumbing Apprenticeship and Trainee Program, the applicant must pass an entry level examination and oral interview.
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Requirements for Apprenticeship Programs

  • Be at least eighteen (18) years old

  • Have a High School Diploma or equivalent GED or High School Proficiency Certificate

  • Valid California drivers license

  • Be physically able to perform the work of the trade

  • Complete an enrollment application.  Bring your completed application to the examination appointment

  • Pass Entrance Exam.  You will take a written examination consisting of reading comprehension, math, and a ruler exam

  • Pass Oral Interview:  You will be given an oral interview by one of the members of the training staff

  • Must be willing to commit to a four-year program

  • Must work for a sponsoring contractor in the program

  • Must be willing to follow the Rules and Regulations and Standards governing the program

State Approved Apprenticeship Program

  • California requires the use of apprentices on all local and state public works construction projects.

    PHCC Apprentices are registered with the State of California, Division of Apprenticeship Standards and are certified to work as apprentices on public work projects.

    Apprentices are required to complete 800 hours of classroom instruction and 7,200 hours of on the job training with the program lasting four (4) years.

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Trainee Program

  • The trainee program is offered to employers who perform residential and/or private commercial work. These employers want to provide an education to their employees to create a stronger workforce. The trainee program parallels the State Approved Apprenticeship Program and is offered throughout the state.

    Trainees are not registered with the Division of Apprenticeship Standards and cannot work on public work projects as an apprentice.

This program is also employer sponsored and the students are paid for their On-the-Job-Training. The sponsoring contractor pays the yearly enrollment fee.
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The classroom instruction is conducted in two (2) week segments per year held at the PHCC PUAC Training Facility in Sacramento, CA.

Students work for a contractor and are paid for their On-the-Job-Training.  

The sponsoring contractor pays the yearly enrollment fee.

Students are taught all facets of plumbing from residential, service & repair, to commercial construction.

Federally Approved Apprenticeship Program

The Federally approved Apprenticeship program is in conjunction with the State approved program.  The students are registered with the United States, Department of Labor.

PHCC-GSA-PUAC offers Federal registered apprenticeship programs statewide with a proven history of graduating qualified Journeymen. We also offer trainee programs statewide.