Apprentice of The Month

Justin Collins named the “Milwaukee Tools Apprentice of the month.” for February 2019


Milwaukee tools partnered with PHCC GSA Training facility to name Justin Collins, of J. Noble Binns Pluming Inc. the "Milwaukee Tools Apprentice of The Month" for the month February 2019.

This program was implemented to showcase talented students who continuously go above and beyond to further their education through the Training Facility. The choice to make him Apprentice of The Month was based on his work ethic, classroom performance, attendance and overall grade.

Hailing from a plumbing background, Justin joined the PHCC because he really wanted to further his career with plumbing. He’s been doing underground and utility work since 2005. He started doing commercial and install in 2015. He said “I really enjoy doing more and knowing more about what I’m doing, and why it’s done. Knowing this makes me feel more confident with my job.”

When asked why he feels that schools like the PHCC GSA Training facility are important, he responded “They are important because they give people who really want to learn the trade, an opportunity to do so.”

Recommending the program is an easy task for Justin because he believes that anyone who wants to make something of themselves and further their career would benefit from the program the same way that he has.

What advice does Justin have for our future students? “Don’t take it lightly. Really take the class to heart and do your best to learn and apply your knowledge.” That’s great advice coming from a great student. He has a bright future ahead of him and will go on to make phenomenal contributions to the plumbing industry.

 Congratulations Justin, we wish you continued success.